Studies in High Energy Particle Physics

by Alex George

supervisors:  Dr. Tim Bolton & Dr. Glenn Horton-Smith

Welcome! This page will summarize my experience doing an REU (what’s that?) with Dr. Tim Bolton and Dr. Glenn Horton-Smith in the area of High Energy Particle Physics.  Dr. Bolton and Dr. Horton-Smith are working on two main projects: KamLAND (in Japan) and Double Chooz (in France), studying neutrino and anti-neutrino oscillations.  I am working to simulate, model, and ultimately understand the spill-in/spill-out effect as it applies to the Double Chooz project.  I will also, as part of this project, go to the KamLAND site in Japan to take data.


Project Overview                                                  About Me

Week One: Choosing Research Groups & Reading Background Materials.

Week Two: More Background Reading, Learning C++, and my first Simulation

Week Three: Learning the “real” software – DOGS, ROOT, and GEANT-4

Week Four: Learning the “real” software, continued

Week Five: Spill-in/Spill-out – extent of effect

Week Six: Spill-in/Spill-out – extent of effect, continued

Week Seven: Spill-in/Spill-out – extent of effect, continued

Week Eight: Visiting Fermilab!

Weeks 9 and 10 (as well as week 11!) will be spent in Japan, taking data on the KamLAND detector at the Superkamiokande Research Facility.  I do not anticipate having the means to update my website from Japan, nor do I plan to return to Kansas after the trip.  However, this website may well be in its final form already!