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Department of Physics

Fall 2017 Condensed Matter Seminars

All seminars are held at 1:30 p.m. in CW 119 unless otherwise stated.

DateSpeakerInstitution Title
8/25 Organizational Meeting
9/8Chris SorensenK-State PhysicsStanding on the Shoulders of Diffraction
9/15José María Saiz VegaUniversidad de CantabriaNanoparticles for UV plasmonics, and other recent research topics in the University of Cantabria
9/22James EdgarK-State Chemistry The Weird and Wonderful World of Boron Compounds
9/29Matt BergK-State PhysicsAerosol Characterization with Digital Holography
10/6Jeremy SchmitK-State PhysicsFolding funnels (or lack thereof) in protein aggregation
10/13Anton KhmelmistkiyK-State Chemistry Energy landscape of  the wild type and mutant FMO antenna from C. tepidum: low temperature high resolution spectroscopic and modeling studies
10/27Suprem DasK-State Industrial & Mfg Sys Engr  

Enabling Graphene from Lab scale experiments Towards Industrial Applications

11/10 Bret FlandersK-State PhysicsDesigning Neural Electrodes to be Fast, Small, Quiet, High Fidelity, and Bio-compatible
11/17 Aravind Suresh K-State Chem. Eng.Two case studies in initiated chemical vapor deposition of polymers 
11/24Thanksgiving Break
12/1Alex YuffaNIST

Application of Differential Geometry to Electromagnetic Wave Phenomena and the Surprising Consequences of the Normal Derivative