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Department of Physics

Tenure & Promotion Time Table

University schedule for these events

Department Annual Evaluation and Promotion & Tenure Guidelines


Please use these dates as a guide for suggested deadlines.

1st week of Fall Semester

The Head informs the candidates who are in the final year of the probationary period of their responsibilities in preparing for the tenure decision.

September 4

Nominations and written requests for early tenure and for promotion due in Head's office.

No later than September 13

Head solicits letters from outside reviewers. Candidate provides Head with   materials (CV, Statement, 5 papers) to be sent to reviewers.

No later than October 1

Candidate   presents a Departmental Colloquium and submits materials to Head.

No later than October 1

Candidate's materials become available for faculty inspection.

No later than October 17

Faculty meet to discuss the candidate. Faculty votes.

No later than October 23

The Department Head informs the candidate and the faculty of his/her recommendation.

October 30

Department Head sends recommendations to the Dean and reports to the candidate and faculty. This date is set by the A&S Dean's office.

Head will notify

The Dean sends materials and summary sheet for each candidate to the Dean's Council for review.

Head will notify

Review by Council of Academic Deans.

Head will notify

The Dean forwards recommendations to the Provost.

Head will notify

The Dean mails a letter which informs the candidates of the decision.