Travel Policies & Procedures

Departmental travel requires the submission of a Shared Services Travel Request submitted to Cindy Carlyon in CW107 (e-mail two weeks before traveling. All travel, either in- or out-of-state, must be authorized by the agency head or designee prior to traveling.

International travel requires that you register online with the Office of Risk and Compliance.

State employees may purchase their airline ticket and have it paid for using a departmental charge card (see Cindy Carlyon to charge to the departmental purchasing card) or by using Statewide Travel Agency Management Services in Topeka, KS.

The most economical and advantageous form of travel is required. If you opt to drive your personal car, an out-of-state cost comparison must be turned in with the reimbursement form. You need to show that it was less expensive to drive than to fly to your destination by submitting a copy of the airline itinerary with the cost of the flight. You will be reimbursed for the cheaper of these two amounts.

After you have returned from your travel, complete an Employee Travel Expense Report and submit all receipts (excluding receipts for meals) within 30 days of travel to Cindy. If you have further questions related to travel, please contact her at 532-0558 or e-mail her at


Shared Services Travel Request (to be filed 2 weeks before travel begins)

Employee Travel Expense Report (to be filed within 30 days of travel completion)

Use of a State-Owned or Leased Vehicle

Please contact Cindy if you would like to reserve a vehicle for official K-State business. She can see about reserving the vehicle and complete the proper forms.

University Motor Pool Vehicle Use

Please contact Cindy if you would like to reserve a vehicle for official K-State business. She can see about reserving the vehicle and complete the proper forms.

Lodging Expense Reimbursement

Employees may be reimbursed for actual lodging expense incurred. The total amount for lodging may not exceed the established lodging expense limitations shown below. No allowance for any tips is included within the lodging rate. Taxes associated with lodging are not considered when applying the maximum lodging limit to the traveler's lodging rate. Thus, the amount reimbursed or paid for lodging expense may exceed the established limitation by as much as the amount of associated taxes.

Lodging expense reimbursement is limited to the lodging establishment's lowest available rate for normal single occupancy on the day (or days) the lodging expense was incurred. The official receipt from the lodging establishment must be part of the documentation submitted with the employee's travel expense report. Non-itemized lodging receipts are sufficient for reimbursement unless rates are higher than the single rate and/or include charges in addition to room rate and taxes. Receipts provided to employees using express checkout are also acceptable provided that the dates of lodging, the daily room rate, and the total lodging charges are in agreement.

Meal & Incidental Expense Reimbursement

Employees may be reimbursed for M&IE while in travel status. The M&IE allowance is based on quarter days with the daily M&IE rate divided equally between quarters. M&IE is provided for the time in which the employee is in travel status, including the quarters the employee departs and returns.