About Me:

My name is Timothy Baker and I am an upcoming junior undergraduate student at Rowan University located in Glassboro New Jersey. I am pursuing B.S. degrees in physics and computer science while also minoring in mathematics. After graduating from Rowan, I hope to continue on to graduate school where I hope to earn at least a master’s degree. Deep down I know I’d like to pursue a Ph.D. in either computer science or physics, but that is a huge commitment that I don’t have to decide on right now. I’d like to think thought, that is the path that my career will take after my undergraduate education is complete.

I first became interested physics while taking an AP physics class in high school. As I learned more in that class, I saw how cool it was that you can describe so much about nature with just some simple concepts and I instantly wanted to know more and more. The challenge of a physics major was also an appeal along with the fact that STEM majors are currently good majors to have in terms of starting a career and making a decent living. My interest in programming also began in high school where we briefly wrote code on our calculators in a geometry class. I loved the idea of building something completely with your mind and taking advantage of a computer to its full extent while also learning how these mysterious black boxes of circuits and chips come together to work to produce perhaps the greatest invention of all time. My interest in computer science sparked again in college when I began taking classes for a minor degree in computer science. I enjoyed the class and programming so much that I considered switching majors. I went back and forth for months because it was a decision that I plenty of time to make, but eventually I decided that I would get the best of both worlds and double major in physics and computer science.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee both casually and as a part of Rowan’s club team. Besides that, I also enjoy hanging out, going to the gym and relaxing with friends as well playing video games. Aside from Frisbees and friends, there isn’t too much time for anything else. I genuinely enjoy learning and I will occasionally enjoy homework assignments especially when they involve coding. I currently work as a tutor (mostly tutoring physics so far) and a physics learning assistant (very similar to a TA). Next semester I will begin research at my home institution with Edwardo Flores.

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