REU Summer Activities

(Some things we did over the summer, not just research)


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Fun Activities:

REU Introductory Picnic: A chance to meet everyone at the beginning of the program. This included all the other REU groups, not just physics.

REU Physics BBQ: Another opportunity to bond with the other physics REU students the first week at our program.

Physics REU Dinner Party: Near the end of the program, all the physics students and faculty got a chance to discuss their research and have a nice evening at the program directorís house.

Physics Rafting Trip: Some of the physics students in the program (including myself) took a weekend to visit Colorado and went white water rafting for a day. The trip was a huge success. Nearly half the students managed to attend. We also visited the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Spring. (Some photos below)

Photos from the REU rafting trip.

Iím actually taking the photo in the picture below, so you canít see me.


Other Summer Programs Activities:

SUROP: Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. This program provided free events to all the other REU programs at KSU. Such events included sessions about graduate school, presentations, finding grant money, and all included panels of professors and graduate students.