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Department of Physics

Physics Department
116 Cardwell Hall
1228 N. 17th St.
Manhattan, KS 66506-2601

785-532-6806 Fax

NSF REU at K-State: Interactions of Matter, Light and Learning 

The K-State REU program offers summer fellowships to do world-class research in our friendly physics department in the scenic Flinthills. We are funded by the National Science Foundation.

K-State Physics REU 2021 Application Not Yet Available

Rolling admissions being February 18

You must be an enrolled college student who is a US citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for participation in this NSF-funded program. 

To apply, you will need to provide the following information via our online application.

  • Name and email address of a person who will be submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  You should ask your recommender to email your application form to reu@phys.ksu.edu on your own.  
  • Your current cumulative GPA.
  • A copy of your transcripts.
  • A short statement (500 characters) on diversity.
  • A brief personal statement (~3/4 page) that includes your academic and career goals, research interests, and why you desire to participate in the Physics REU.  Regarding this statement, it is also beneficial to identify K-State faculty with whom you would be interested in working and explain why you would like to work with them (see available faculty members in the list of participating research areas at www.phys.ksu.edu/reu/2019/). You will be asked to insert text directly online or to upload a file.
2019 Projects





National Science Foundation

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant number 1757778 .  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF. 


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