Supplemental material for Descriptive Astronomy (Phys 191)

An advertisement for the course: PDF (289 kB).
Version of the above with white background, negative image: PDF (289 kB).
Note: some say the "white background" version is prettier, and it certainly uses less ink.

One- and two-slit interference animations for classical particles and classical waves: index.

A problem in relativity: jpeg (133 kB) or pdf (110 kB).

An explanation of the cosmic light horizon using animated graphs. (The page may take a while to load all the animated images: total size 1.4 MB.)

2010 syllabus and schedule

The latest syllabus and schedule will always be available to current students on K-State Online. The links below are provided for students thinking about taking the class and wondering if the course will be interesting to them and how much work it will be: I would suggest looking at the "Course objectives" in the syllabus and the list of topics in the schedule to get a better idea what the course is about, and look at the other material in the syllabus to see what the work will be like.

[advertisement poster for Phys 191] [advertisement poster for Phys 191]