COLTRIMS and Interferometers

        By Josef Felver

        Supervisor:   Dr. Lew Cocke

Graduate Students: Predrag Ranitovic and Ben Gramkow

K-State Physics REU 2007



Welcome to my webpage.  This page summarizes my experience doing research for the Summer 2007 in the James R. Macdonald Lab.  Take a look at some of the new features!

My main research project with the Michelson Interferometer.

The Deep Dark Secret of COLTRIMS.

Pull back the curtain and find out About Me and check out a Photo Gallery of the good times during the REU. 

My view on the ethics of Advocacy Rights.

See my Final Presentation.



Useful Links

Kansas State University Physics Department  REU Program, sponsored by NSF

American Physical Society Statements on Ethics

American Institute of Physics

My Research group's home page

Southwestern College and my physics department


Special Thanks to Dr. Larry Weaver  and Dr. Kristen Corwin for all of thier help this summer and for bringing together such a fun group of physicists.