Josef Felver

I sit here now with a bag, a notebook full of lectures on physics and diagrams from my efforts in the JRM and two forks that were recently given to me by a friend who has just left KSU.  I don't know that I can sum it up any better than that.  To give you the vitals I'm a senior at Southwestern College in Winfield KS.  I love to play sports particularly racquetball and tennis but I'm not opposed to a good game of basketball ether. 

It's hard to say what really started me down the road to a physics degree.  I've always enjoyed space and science, but when I was choosing a course of study my freshman year Dr. Bob Gallup talked to me about the possibilities in physics.  I've always loved a good challenge and when he confessed to me that it was a wide spread opinion that physics was the hardest of all the sciences I couldn't resist looking a little deeper.  Though I don't want to downplay the difficulty or importance of other scientific fields I think that the combination between innovative thinking and mathematical computation needed in physics was a great challenge for me to dig my hands in.  Learning the way the world works on the physical level has opened my eyes to everyday miracles that are so extraordinary I don't know how I missed so many of them before.  Having these realizations has made me want to continue my learning process into graduate school where I want to do research in alternate energy sources.   But I think the real tipping point was the hope that one day I too could wear one of those spiffy white lab coats, and to be honest that is my only regret with the program here at KSU. 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, man if I had only known that in high school my English teacher would have been quite frustrated with me. 


Here are some of the fun times I've had learning about Physics.








This is how we use teamwork to get to the top!  Sam Fahrenholtz and Tom Fenfert with the assist. 



How was the REU you ask?  Nick Timme's got the answer for you.

Saying goodbye to our good friends from the Bio-Chem and English SUROP programs.

(From Left: Nick Timme, Jenny Stone, Josef Felver, Dante Amoroso, Alyssa Renfro, Tom Fenfert, Sam Fahrenholtz, and Tom Erickson)


Nick and I with our summer Volleyball team.

Here I am Scoping out the optics table for the COLTRIMS.

This is why you don't leave things in front of the KLS beam!

Ben Gramkow showing us how to use the COLTRIMS

A little portion of the COLTRIMS research team.

(From Left:  Maia Magrakvelidze, Igor Litvinyuk, and Irina Bocharova)

Predrag Ranitiovic and Ben Gramkow

A portrait of Dr. Lew Cocke


The Whole group saying goodbye to the Math Girls

Top Row: James Hazelton, Kara Farnsworth, Richard Chevious, Dante Amoroso

Bottom row: Tom Fenfert, Tom Erickson, Emily Collier, Nick Timme, Me

Bottom bottom row: Maria Pavlovskaia


Sometimes goodbyes are hard...

The Guys enjoying a nice Jamaican Meal

From Left: Tom Fenfert, James Hazelton, Dante Amoroso, Nicholas Frazer, Dante's personal body guard, Josef Felver, Ted Cackowski