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2008  Feb: Jerusalem, Ein Gedi, and Petra (photos)

June: Oregon

September: Heidelberg, Germany (.pdf) Heidelberg

October: Taiwan with family (.pdf) kiera-kylaTwntrip

November: Arches National park, Utah (.pdf) Arches national park

December: London



2007  angkor wat (January)   Paris (May)   heidelberg (May)   Alaska (june)     Freiburg (July)    Berlin (August)


2006    London  (April)     Vienna (June)     Prague (June)      Dresden (June)



          June-July        Scotland: scotland-report     photos:  edinburgh    St-Andrews    Perth   Fort-Geroge 
                            Loch Ness     Eilean Donan Castle      isles of Skye    Glencoe      Stirling and Linlithgow castles
                             Ireland: ireland-Report     photos: Dublin  Kilkenny  Dingle    Cliff of Moher and Burren

         January           Austria and Munich     Innsbruck   Munich in one afternoon

         January            Japan



         October           Japan:    Tokyo-in-one-day 

         January-July : My six-month stint in Taiwan (Taiwan--the beautiful country)
       The land :       The sea of clouds in the mountains          misty sky of Tai-Dong     NorthEast coast 
                                  Taroko National Park                               Taiwan's Jade Mountain   

      The colors:       Taiwan-flowers-1      Taiwan-flowers-2      Taiwan-flowers-3 
      Political rallies228-hand-in-hand     DPP-313-rally-Kaoshiung

      Tourist areas:    southern towns     northen towns
      Tsinghua University:      campus views               campus in bloom
      Short tours:  circular tours with friends   kaoshiung+north-X-highway



         June   Gunnison and Great Sand Dune   the canyon and the sand dune of Colorado

         July and August   Sweden and Russia

            Stockholm and Upsalla:     stockholm waterfront and Upsalla cathedral

             St Petersburg:     churches and cathedrals    Hermitage and Palace Square   Pushkin and Peterhof
                                       spilledBlood    waterfront and bridges

             Moscow:             Kremlin        st Basil and others

          October    Quebec, Canada    Quebec colors




         March, Lu-Kang, Taiwan   manual water pump    long-san shi     old-style house     offering to gods

         June        Teton National park   majestic peaks and perfect reflections  
                    Yellowstone National Park  geysers and bisons
                     South Dakota   devils tower and bandland national Park   



         June     Utah's National Parks
            zion     zion     bryce     capital reef     delicate arch, Arch Nat. Park     landscape arch, Arch Nat.Park

         July, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
              the canyon     the rock wall     the cliff house     the spires

         July  The Petrified Forrest National Park, Arizona
              the wood     the wood     the landscape     the landscape     the painted desert     the painted desert

         December  Costa Rica  Tortugero Nat. Park; Cocovado Nat. Park; Monteverde
          jungle hike     river cruise     birds    airport restaurant at Palmar Sur     jungle hike     our lodge at Cocovado                     

                    picnic at  Cano island        sky walk     cloud forest    rain forest in the rain



May        Sweden  sunrise at 1 am at Abisko, abisko   abisko   Navik, Norway  Narvik, Norway

June        Greece and Turkey and Cologne, Germany  
              Santorini     Acropolis, Athens     Greek theater     Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
                    blue mosque, Istanbul     Cologne cathedral     beer garden, Cologne


September Spain and France Plaza Mayo, Madrid    Plaza Mayo, Madrid    Prado Art Museum, Madrid  Lyon   Chamonix, the Alps

December, Hawaii  
           Waipio Valley, Hawaii     Haleakala N.P, Maui      Haleakala N.P. Maui     Haleakala N.P. Maui       
           Haleakala N.P. Maui      Haleakala N.P. Maui   Cathedral Rock, Kauai  Waimea Canyon, Kauai









 Manhattan, KSU, Konza Prairie and more

Manhattan 2005     spring flowers     clouds+sunset

Manhattan and KSU local (not dated)
              bison at Konza     bison at Konza     sunset at Council Grove Lake     kansas sky     kansas is burning
              tuttle creek east     KSU Anderson Hall     KSU Hale Library     KSU Hale Library

Manhattan, KSU and Vicinity (May 2003)
          Mahattan in fall and winter     Mahattan in Spring      Kansas Prairie     KSU Campus     Kansas City





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