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2014 Open HouseKOS began in April 2013.  We held several meetings and discussed our goals for the chapter.  The main topic was to diversify membership by extending our reach to other optics/photonics groups at KSU.  We also discussed our allocation of resources from OSA and to host Jun Ye for the Traveling Lecturer Program in early 2014.  Derrek Wilson represented our group at the Student Leadership Conference in October which was held in conjunction with the Frontiers in Optics Conference in Orlando, Florida. 

On January 21, 2014 Dr. Jun Ye visited KSU to visit our chapter for the Traveling Lecturer Program.  He visited our labs and discussed our research with us.  We had a pizza luncheon with all KSU physics students invited and held an open question discussion.  Jun Ye’s colloquium was on Optical Lattice Clocks, and presented work he recently published in Nature on the most accurate clock in the world (precise to 1 in 1018!).  That evening Jun Ye met with members of KOS for dinner.

In April we participated in Open House, a campus wide event KSU holds for the public to see what our university is doing.  Our chapter had a demonstration area showing optics and photonics projects where we could explain to children and adults the interesting aspects of optics and the important applications to society.  One of the most popular demonstrations was a hands on explanation on how a laser works.   We also gave tours of the James R. Macdonald ultrafast laser lab and preformed a series of outdoor demonstrations.

Jan Tross represented our chapter at the Student Leadership Conference in October 2014 in Tuscon, Arizona.