K-State Announces the Retirement of HEP Professor Noel Stanton

Noel StantonNoel Stanton came to Kansas State in 1993 as a founding member of the High Energy Physics research group.  Since that time he has contributed broadly to teaching and research in the Department.  In teaching, Dr. Stanton has very willingly taken on the responsibilities for teaching General Physics and done so essentially continuously since he arrived at K-State.  This course is populated by students whose motivation in physics is rather low.  However, Dr. Stanton approached the course and the students in a caring way that helped them succeed.  The students have responded positively to this care and frequently mention how much they have enjoyed his teaching.  Thus, Dr. Stanton has provided significant contributions to our teaching program. 

In research Dr. Stanton has been a very active member of the High Energy Physics Group since the Group’s founding at K-State.  He has conducted basic research on the interactions of the most fundamental particles in nature.  This research requires efforts of large research teams.  These teams are international in scope and require that the team members work together toward common goals.  

A critical aspect of conducting this research is attracting external funding.  Dr. Stanton has long been the person at K-State to guide the proposals for high energy research through the writing and submission process.  Because of his efforts KSU’s High Energy Physics Program has consistently received in the neighborhood of $1 million per year to conduct research.

Throughout his years at KSU Dr. Stanton’s efforts have helped us reach international prominence in experimental high energy physics and has helped assure that we keep the welfare of our students foremost in our minds.