Undergrad Fulbright Fellow to Study in Japan

Next year, David Thompson, a senior with a minor in physics, will be a Fulbright Fellow in Japan at Tohoku University in Sendai, where he will be using the opportunity provided by the Fulbright to improve his Japanese language proficiency, focusing on business and technical settings.  David conducted undergraduate research under the supervision of Tim Bolton, professor of physics. His project was a simulation program to help measure neutrino oscillation.  He is majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis in biomedical engineering and minors in physics and Japanese.  Later in his career, he hopes to use these skills to facilitate increased academic and commercial cooperation between American and Japanese universities and companies. After the year in Japan, he plans to attend the University of Michigan to earn a master's and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, focusing on the area of neural prosthetics. Career plans are to conduct research and teach in a university setting.

A K-State honors list student, he is a 2005 Goldwater Scholar, and received an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. A member of the College of Engineering honors program, he also has received the James A. Branson Memorial Scholarship. He came to K-State as a Presidential scholar. He has been active with Powercat Masters Toastmasters, which he served as secretary.  This semester he is working with Steve Warren in the electrical engineering department improving the performance of a pulse oximeter unit, and later will be investigating its possible use as a biometric. He is a 2001 graduate of Burlingame High School and Allen County Community College, which he attended concurrently. Thompson is married to Amity I. Smith Thompson and is the son of David W. and Judith B. Thompson, Burlingame.  (more)

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