K-State Physics Once Again Hosts NSF-funded Undergraduate Research Program

 Kristan L. Corwin


This year, the Kansas State physics department was awarded a three-year grant to host a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site.  This summer, an outstanding group of 10 undergraduates participated in this exciting program, some from as far away as New York and Virginia.  They upgraded the ultrafast lasers in the JRM lab, studied the hydrophobic properties of Prof. Sorensen’s patented aerosol gels, and even turned the satellite dish donated by former department head Jim Legg into a radio telescope!  They heard the inspired lectures of Dr. Larry Weaver on scientific topics of their choosing and discussed the ethics of scientific inquiry under the direction of ethicist Dr. Bruce Glymour.  They also found time for social events, including a picnic and volleyball game below the Tuttle Creek Damn, an ice cream social with the Biology REU students, and a canoe trip down the Blue river!  To see a list of the students, their mentors, and their final presentations, click here http://www.phys.ksu.edu/reu/2006-reu.html

Professor Larry Weaver, who has directed the program over many previous years, and Asst. Prof. Kristan Corwin direct the program and oversee the grant. Applications will be available at the web site, http://www.phys.ksu.edu/reu/ or from Jane Peterson (janie@phys.ksu.edu).  All eligible undergraduates are encouraged to apply.