Recent Gifts from Porter's Improve Teaching & Research

Bill and Joan Porter have provided two generous gifts of $100,000 each  to the Department.  These gifts are being used to improve teaching and research activities.  A major fraction of the first gift will be used to remodel space for the new sequence of optics courses.  The development of the courses is supported by the National Science Foundation but NSF does not provide funds to bring space up-to-date.

Bill graduated from Adams State College in Colorado. He then came to Manhattan where he earned a master’s in physics here. His master’s thesis, “Infrared spectroscopy applied to the study of the autoxidation of di-iso-butyl ketone” was completed in 1952. In 1967, after working at the National Bureau of Standards, General Electric, and Textron Corporation, he continued his education at MIT.

Bill is the founder of e-trade and the International Securities Exchange. Joan is the founder and director of Stillheart, a retreat center in Northern California.

Recently at KSU Bill was the first Ernest Fox Nichols lecturer, was a Distinguished Lecturer for the College of Business Administration and was the speaker for the 2004 College of Arts & Sciences Spring Commencement. (See the picture at right.)