Physics Club 2006

During spring break of 2006, the Physics Club organized a trip to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory in northern Illinois.  The eight undergraduates who made the trek were given private tours to learn about the science being conducted at these prestigious facilities.  At Fermilab, the group toured the inner workings of the Tevatron high-energy particle accelerator and visited with particle physicists about the consequences of their discoveries.  The highlight of the Argonne National Laboratory tour was the Advanced Photon Source where X-ray beams are used for applications in the physical, medical, and environmental sciences.

Over the remainder of 2006, the Physics Club hosted several movie and gaming nights in order to foster camaraderie amongst K-State students.  Those events were met with increasing success and will be continued into the future.  The club also welcomed Dr. Sanjay Rebello as their new faculty advisor and announced Dr. Chris Sorensen as the 2006 recipient of the Schwenk Award for Undergraduate Teaching.  This award is given annually to a professor chosen by physics majors whom demonstrates excellent teaching in the department.  For the coming year, preparations are underway for the K-State Open House in April where the theme will be “The Physics of Music.”  This will include demonstrating capacitance with a Theremin and exploring standing waves on drums and electric guitars.