Hewlett-Packard Grant Supports New Technology for Teaching

Thanks to the efforts of Associate Professor Sanjay Rebello the Department has received a technology grant from Hewlett-Packard which is valued at more than $120,000. This package includes two wireless HP Tablet PCs, two HP digital projectors, two HP printers and two HP digital cameras for faculty use, 40 additional HP Tablet PCs for student use, and a cash stipend of $10,500. In addition, the grant includes travel expenses for one participant to attend the Worldwide HP Technology for Teaching Higher Education Conference in February 2007.

The grant will help the physics department expand the use of its "K-State InClass" project, according to Rebello. The project is currently used in two courses -- Concepts of Physics and Contemporary Physics -- and involves around 200 students.

"Developed and implemented in 2005, 'K-State InClass' is Web-based interaction software that affords students and instructors a wide range of communication options," Rebello said. "Using the HP Tablet PCs, which are personal digital assistants, instructors can communicate digitally with students to determine if they are comprehending the subject matter."

Rebello said the HP technology provides for greater interaction and active learning by students. It also gives instructors the opportunity to collect and respond to real-time feedback about the lecture from students and adapt their teaching to the students' needs in real-time, whenever needed.

"Through the Leadership Grant, HP offers additional equipment and training so that the excellent work already demonstrated by these educators can be expanded,” said Bess Stephens, vice president, philanthropy and education, HP. "We are delighted to make these reinvestment grants so that even more educators and students can benefit from innovative applications of technology to improve teaching and learning."

The HP Technology for Teaching program is designed to improve student achievement through the innovative use of technology in the classroom. Since 2004, HP has contributed more than $36 million in HP Technology for Teaching grants to 650 schools worldwide. The overall program is targeted to both K-12 and two- and four-year colleges and universities.

More information about HP's Technology for Teaching program and the 2006 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership grant recipients is available at http://www.hp.com/go/hpteach

Content provided by KSU Media Relations.