Alumni News
Dean Zollman

Jim Chelikowsky, who graduated with a B. Sc. from K-State in 1970, recently visited K-State and updated us on his career.  He is currently Professor and Director of the Center for Computational Materials and Institute for the Theory of Advanced Materials in Information Technology at the University of Texas, Austin.  Jim has been doing ab initio calculations to understand the electronic, optical, mechanical, surface and interface properties of bulk materials and nanostructured semiconductors, ceramics and metals.  He now has an extensive publication record.  He has received the David Turnbull Lectureship Award  from the Materials Research Society (2001), and the David Adler Lectureship Award from the American Physical Society (2006) and we congratulate him on his outstanding contributions in these areas. 

Stephen A. Dyer  was recognized April 25 with the Distinguished Service Award from the Instrumentation and Measurement Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. accepted the award during a ceremony at the annual IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology conference in Sorrento, Italy.  Steve received his BS in Physics from KSU in 1973 and is now a professor of electrical and computer engineering here at KSU.  (more)

Art Hobson, who received his PhD from our Department in 1964, is the 2006 recipient of the Robert A. Millikan Medal from the American Association of Physics.  “This award recognizes teachers who have made notable and creative contributions to the teaching of physics.”  (   Art is a professor emeritus of physics at the University of Arkansas.  For more information, see

George J. Simonis visited K-State and talked about his work on photonics and terahertz properties of materials.  He graduated from K-State in 1973 receiving a Ph.D. under the direction of Charles Hathaway.  He is currently at the Army Research Laboratory and is Chief, Microphotonics Branch.

Jackie Spears was named Director of the KSU Center for Science Education in August of 2006.  Jackie is an alumna of the physics department and an Associate Professor in the Department of Secondary Education at KSU.