Graduate Degrees Awarded


        Mahendra Man Shakya (Zenghu Chang) “Development of an Ultrafast Accumulative X-Ray Streak Camera” (Ph.D., KSU)



        Alicia Allbaugh (Dean Zollman) “The Problem Context Dependence of Students' Application of Newton's Second Law,” Visiting Asst. Prof., Rochester Int. of Tech.

        Dan Fry (Amit Chakrabarti) “Aggregation in Dense Particulate Systems,” Polymer Division, NIST

        Erge Edgu-Fry (Lew Cocke) “Single Electron Capture and Ionization Involving Atomic (and Moleculr) H and HE at Low to Intermediate Impact Energies,” Physics Division, NIST

        Chandana Ghosh (Talat Rahman) “Atomistic Studies of Manipulation, Growth and Diffusion on FCC Metal Surfaces,” Post-Doc, Math, Iowa State Univ.

        Teck Lee (Brett DePaola) “Theoretical Investigations of Inelastic Processes in Slow to Fast Ion-Atom Collisions,” Phys. Div., Oak Ridge

        Jing Li (Hongxing Jiang) “AlGaN Alloys and Heterostructures--Growth, Characterization and Application,” Vist. Sci./KSU

        Hai Nguyen (Brett DePaola) “Magneto Optical Trap Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy,” Post-Doc, Univ. of Paris Sud

        Chris Verzani (Brett DePaola) “Single and Double Electron Capture Cross Sections at Very Low Collision Energies,” NIST

        Mikhail Zamkov (Pat Richard) “Multi-Electron Processes in Ion-Atom Collisions,” Post-doc, KSU