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Department of Physics

Physics Announces 2020-21 Scholarship Recipients

The Physics Department is proud to announce that many new and returning students have been selected to receive department scholarships for the 2020-21 academic year.

Scholarships have been awarded to incoming freshmen students worth more than $15,000. In addition, the department has awarded returning students more than $45,000 in scholarships.

"We congratulate all of our 2020-21 scholarships recipients and are pleased to reward these students for their academic successes and dedication to their communities," says Brett DePaola, head of the Physics Department. "By allocating our department scholarships and leveraging investments from our Foundation funds that are contributed to by our department's alumni and friends, we are able to support the students in our academic discipline during their time at K-State."

Kathryn and Charles Bearman Scholarship in Physics Recipient: Sydney Wekamp

James A. Branson Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Orin Blecha

A.B. Cardwell Scholarship Recipients: Seth Engels, Luke Kramer, and Sebastian Neal

Clarence S. and Jane Clay Physics Scholarship Recipients: Cade Ifland and Philip Lucas

Basil and Mary Curnutte Scholarship Recipients: Christopher Hatch and Anthony Nistico

Dean R. Dragsdorf Physics Scholarship Recipients: Benjamin Stiglitz and Sam Wilson

Louis D. and Lillian Ellsworth Family Scholarship Recipient: Nicholas Mignano

Terry Suzanne 'Speed' and James King Foster Scholarship in Physics Recipients: Cameron Hoppas, Lauren Vierya, and Sydney Wekamp

John P. Giese Memorial Scholarship Recipients: Blaine Fry and Luke Kramer

Paul G. Hewitt Physics Scholarship Recipient: Blaine Fry

Richard Horning Physics Scholarship Recipient: Nicholas Mignano

Leo E. Hudiburg Scholarship Recipients: Erasto Herrara-Farfan and Jonathan Modig

James R. Macdonald Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Nathan Marshall

Ronald Dee Parks Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Jonathan Modig

Ralph and Ina Schenk Scholarship Recipient: Cade Ifland

Physics Scholarship Recipients: Alexander Adamson, Jeremy Kamman, Nicholas Mignano, Sebastian Neal, Dylan Parker, Kenton Schroeder, Evan Swain, Seth Teague, and Joshua Weaver