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Department of Physics

Derrek WilsonPhysics graduate student work leads to grant award

The work of a K-State Physics graduate research assistant, Derrek Wilson, has resulted in a funding award from the Department of Defense under the Office of Naval Research.

The grant, awarded to former K-State Physics assistant professor Carlos Trallero who is currently a faculty member at University of Connecticut, will fund research to study the interaction of intense, long-wavelength, short pulses with solids and molecules. In addition, the proposal will allow the development of new techniques for the characterization of short pulses in this spectral region.

The proposal "Strong field physics with few-cycle pulses in the long-wavelength-infrared," was written by Trallero and Wilson.

Wilson received his PhD from Kansas State University this May. While at K-State he received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. He will begin working at Few-cycle Inc., a young Canadian spin-off company developing optical technologies for ultrafast laser science.