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Department of Physics

Physics Department Members Named Distinguished Researchers

Dr. Ketino Kaadze, Assistant Professor of Physics, and her postdoc, Dr. Abdollah Mohammadi, have been named LPC Distinguished Researchers for 2017.

Kaadze and Mohammadi are analyzing proton-proton collision data and working to upgrade the Compact Muon Solenoid hadronic calorimeter at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Distinguished Researcher program is a defining feature of the LHC Physics Center (LPC) at Fermilab. The individuals selected are recognized as accomplished individuals at different stages of their careers. The program provides resources to strengthen and expand their research programs.

Funding for the program is made possible by the LPC at Fermilab, the USCMS Research Program, and a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

 Dr. Ketino KaadzeDr. Abdollah Mohammadi
    Dr. Ketino Kaadze      Dr. Abdollah Mohammadi