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Department of Physics

Physics Graduate Student Wins Best Poster Award

Raiya EbiniRaiya Ebini, PhD student in physics, tied for first place among student posters at the ASEE Midwest Section Conference.  The conference was held September 25-27 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan with a theme centered on “Research-powered STEM Education."

Raiya’s poster was titled “Online Contemporary Physics Course for Non-physics Majors.”  The poster described the development and delivery of an interactive online course in contemporary physics, for students who are not majoring in physics.

The face-to-face course was converted into an interactive online course which included written documents, hands-on activities and many interactive simulations. The core of the course is a set of interactive visualizations.

Raiya completed the research for this poster with Emeritus Distinguished Professor Dean Zollman and Ulas Ustun, visiting fellow from Artvin Coruh University in Turkey.