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Department of Physics

Talk to Mark Beginning of International Collaboration

Dr. Carlos Luis Trallero GinerProf. Carlos Luis Trallero Giner, director of the Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF), will visit K-State physics to present a talk, "Latin American Center for Physics and its Challenges for the Developing of Science," on August 24.

Dr. Trallero Giner's talk will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the Hemisphere Room of Hale Library. Refreshments will be held prior to the talk at 4:00 p.m.

In addition to being director of CLAF, Dr. Trallero Giner is an internationally recognized professor of solid state physics at the University of Havana.

Prof. Trallero Giner's visit marks the beginning of an initiative in which the K-State Physics Department hopes to attract and expand its collaboration with Latin American institutions by diversifying the international presence of our graduate student body. This will provide numerous benefits for our department and scientific communities throughout the world.

As director of CLAF, Dr. Trallero Giner works to promote and coordinate efforts for the development of physics in Latin America through collaborations and exchanges between institutions and individuals from Latin America and other countries.

The visit is partially funded by a grant from K-State's Office of International Programs.