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Department of Physics

Register now to attend SPOTLIGHT K-State 2015 and hear department head Amit Chakrabarti's presentation

By Jana Fallin

SPOTLIGHT K-State, a fast-paced series of six-minute presentations, will be from 7-10 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, in the K-State Student Union's Forum Hall. Please join us for an incredible celebration of teaching excellence at K-State.

This year's presenters include Physics department head, Amit Chakrabarti, as well as the other individuals listed below:

  • Sally Bailey, drama therapy
  • Sonya Britt and Kristy Pederson-Archuleta, personal financial planning
  • Amit Chakrabarti and Laura Donnelly, physics and dance
  • Katie Kingery-Page, landscape architecture
  • Roger McHaney, computer information systems, management
  • Ashley Rhodes, biology
  • Naiqian Zhang, biological and agricultural engineering
  • Two Students, Jordan Thomas and Kenzie Wade, also will share their project completed with Meadowlark Hills residents.

Register now to attend.


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