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Department of Physics

Physics REUs to Participate in K-State joint Research Experience for Undergraduates poster session July 30

The public is invited to learn about current research activities at K-State at a research poster session from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, July 30, in the K-State Student Union KS Ballroom.

Physics REUs who will participate as listed below include Tim Baker and Ramiro Torres, Jon del'Etoile, Kyle Jensen, Daniel Keylon and Dylan McKnight.

  • Jon del'Etoile, mentored by Jeremy Schmit, will present "Self Assembly Growth Rate Simulations."
  • Tim Baker and Ramiro Torres, mentored by Tim Bolton and Glenn Horton Smith, will present "Background Estimates of Radiative Pion and Muon Capture for Mu2e Experiment."
  • Kyle Jensen, mentored by Artem Rudenko and Daniel Rolles will present "Coulomb Explosion Imaging and Ionization of CH2I2 in Strong Laser Pulses."
  • Daniel Keylon, mentored by Brett DePaola, will present "Computational Light- Matter Interactions."
  • Dylan McKnight, mentored by Eleanor Sayre, to present "Students' Understanding of Taylor Series in Electricity and Magnetism."

This poster session will focus on research completed by undergraduate students and relating to sustainable bioenergy, sustainable energy, ecology and evolutionary biology, nanotechnology, cosmology, elementary particle physics, and ultrafast laser science.

Roughly 30 poster judges will be there to judge the research posters for the poster session and to pick the top posters. Prize money of $500 for first place, $400 for second place, $300 for third place, $200 for fourth place and $100 for fifth place will be awarded. The top three people's choice awardees will receive $250 for first place, $150 for second place and $100 for third place. Phillips 66 sponsored the prizes. The Center for Sustainable Energy will be providing food and drinks during the poster session.

Poster presentations will be made by students who have participated in the Summer Academy in Sustainable BioEnergy Research Experience for Undergraduates; the Earth, Wind, and Fire: Sustainable Energy for the 21st Century Research Experience for Undergraduates; the Interactions of Matter, Light and Learning, the Physics Research Experience for Undergraduates program; and the Undergraduate Research & Mentoring in Ecological Genomic in the Division of Biology. Each of these programs has provided research experiences for undergraduates during the summer of 2015.

These visiting undergraduates come from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico to work with faculty and graduate students in agricultural economics, agronomy, biochemistry, biological and agricultural engineering, biology, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, grain science and industry, mechanical and nuclear engineering, physics and sociology. The National Science Foundation provided funding for the summer research programs. Awards, sponsored by Phillips 66, will be presented for the best posters.

Courtesy of Communications and Marketing