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Department of Physics

Research work pays off for graduate student at annual research forum

Oral and poster presentations have earned 31 Kansas State University graduate students scholarships at the Graduate Student Council's 20th annual K-State Research Forum.

More than 90 graduate students participated in this year's event, which was March 31 at the K-State Student Union. They presented research being conducted in agricultural sciences, biological sciences, engineering, humanities and education, physical sciences and social sciences. The annual forum, open to graduate students in all disciplines, provides students with the opportunity to learn about research conducted by their peers in other disciplines and to build interdisciplinary collaborations. University faculty members judge and select up to three presenters to receive scholarship awards in each session.

"All the graduate students who presented did an excellent job in sharing their research with the K-State community," said Carol Shanklin, dean of the Graduate School. "The Research Forum provides the students an excellent professional development experience since it requires students to practice communicating complex scientific knowledge in a manner that can be understood by the general public, a critical skill for our graduates. I extend my congratulations to all who presented and those selected as winners. I also want to thank the members of the Graduate Research Forum Committee and Dr. Megan Miller for their contributions to the success of the event."

The forum is sponsored by the Graduate Student Council, the Graduate School, the university chapter of Sigma Xi and the offices of the president and provost. 

Nicoleta Ploscariu, doctoral student in physics, Iasi, Romania, received second place in the engineering, mathematics and physical sciences poster session.

Nicoleta will present a poster on her research to the physics department on Tuesday, May 5, at 4 p.m. in the department outside of Cardwell Hall Room 119 as part of the recent 2014-15 Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher in Physics award she recently received.

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