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Department of Physics

Alumni Wins Perfect Pitch Contest

Pablo Guimera Coll receives Pitch Perfect awardAlumni Pablo Guimera Coll won the 2015 National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center (ERC) program-wide "Perfect Pitch" contest held in Washington DC.

Pablo was awarded $5,000 for first prize as well as the Lynn Preston trophy for his talk on "Sound Assisted Low Temperature Wafering for Solar Energy."

Students presented posters highlighting their research at the conference that ERCs hold each year for their industry partners and ask students to answer three questions in 90 seconds—what real-life problem their research addressed, how they solved it in a unique way, and what impact it would have for society and in achieving their Center's mission.

Pablo received his B.Sc. in Materials Physics from Complutense University in Madrid before earning his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics at Kansas State University. During his Masters, his research with Cortelyou-Rust University Distinguished Professor Chris Sorensen, focused on the synthesis and reshaping of metal nanoparticles. This work resulted in the patent proposal "Direct Dissolution of Bulk Materials to Nanoparticles" as a coauthor.

Pablo is currently enrolled in the Materials Science and Engineering PhD program at Arizona State University where he is working in Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies.