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Department of Physics

Physics Graduate Student Receives Poster Award at National Conference

Justin MaughanJustin Maughan, Physics Graduate Research Assistant, received a Student Poster Competition Award during the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) 34rd Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The AAAR conference brings scientists, students and AAAR Fellows together each year to share their latest findings and review the latest advances in technology in aerosol research.

Prizes for top student posters were awarded during the plenary session of the conference on Friday October 16. Evaluation criteria emphasized technical merit and communication effectiveness.

Justin's award winning poster was titled "Q-Space Analysis of Light Scattering from Gaussian Random Spheres."

"We are very proud of Justin's recognition at the conference, Department Head and Justin's research advisor, Amit Chakrabarti said. "We greatly value our graduate students. They are major contributors to our department's research efforts."

Justin was one of 15 recipients of this award at the conference from approximately 90 entries at the conference.