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Department of Physics

The Classes of 2014

Zohrabi HoodingThe K-State Physics department celebrated 2014 Commencements at Bramlage Coliseum. We congratulate the following students on their degrees.


Wei Cao
Advisors: Itzik Ben-Itzhak & Lew Cocke
Pump-probe study of atoms and small molecules with laser driven high order harmonics

Irakli Chakaberia
Advisor: Tim Bolton
Study of the helicity distributions of Zγ production at the CMS experiment

Rajesh Kadel
Advisor: Brian Washburn.
Laser dynamics of a mode-locked Thulium/Holmium fiber laser in the solitonic and the stretched pulse regimes

Varun Makhija
Advisor: Vinod Kumarappan
Laser-induced rotational dynamics as a route to molecular frame measurements

Govind Paneru
Advisor: Bret Flanders
Nano-fabrication of cellular force sensors and surface coatings via dendritic solidification

Amy Rouinfar
Advisor: Sanjay Rebello
Influence of visual cueing and outcome feedback on physics problem solving & visual attention

Shun Wu
Advisor: Kristan Corwin
Direct fiber laser frequency comb stabilization via single tooth saturated absorption spectroscopy in hollow-core fiber

Mohammad Zohrabi
Advisor: Itzik Ben-Itzhak
Quantum control of molecular fragmentation in strong laser fields


Ying Chen
Advisor: Eleanor Sayre

Turghun Matniyaz
Advisor: Brian Washburn
Free-space NPR mode locked erbium doped fiber laser based frequency comb for optical frequency measurement

Nicoleta Ploscariu
Advisor: Robert Szoszkiewicz
Nanomechanical properties of single protein molecules and peptides



Jacob Belden
Wichita, KS

Brandon Doebele
New Strawn, KS

Makram El Awar
Kornayel, Lebanon

Shuai Jiang
Manhattan, KS

Justin Raybern
Hudson, KS

Mattithyah Tillotson
Valley Center, KS