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Department of Physics

Physics faculty organize Faraday discussion meeting

K-State Physics, in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), is organizing a Faraday Discussion meeting at ANL this April 20-22. The meeting is the brainchild of Professor Bruce Law who is also chairing the meeting. Serving on his scientific committee are Professor Chris Sorensen, K-State Physics; Xiao-Min Lin, a scientist at ANL and former student with Sorensen (PhD 1999), and three other international scientists.

Faraday Discussions, which have been ongoing for over 100 years, have a special format where research papers written by the speakers are distributed to all participants before the meeting, and most of the meeting is devoted to discussing these papers. Everyone contributes to this discussion, which is published along with the papers.

The purpose of this Faraday Discussion meeting is to bring together a diverse group of scientists to discuss the latest developments in nanoparticle theory, synthesis and assembly in order to generate new ideas and engender new collaborations between these groups. Typically four to eight Faraday Discussions are held each year, usually in the UK or other countries in Europe. This meeting is only the third discussion meeting to be held in the US.

Law and Sorensen have been supported by K-State's Academic Excellence Fund and by the Department of Physics.