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Department of Physics

Physics Undergraduate Students Present Research at APS Meeting in Tucson

Four undergraduate physics students presented research results at the Frontiers in Optics Meeting sponsored by the Optical Society of America and the American Physical Society – Division of Laser Sciences in Tucson, AZ, on October 20.

Josh Nelson, junior from Salina, presented “Generation of Intense Few-Cycle Pulses from the Visible to the Mid-IR.”  Josh performed this research as part of our summer REU program with fellow REU student and co-author Danny Todd.  Josh transferred to K-State this fall and is working with Assistant Professor Carlos Trallero.

Yukun Qin, senior in math and physics from China, presented “Nonlinear Response of Nano-Particle Solution Induced by Strong-Field Laser Pulses.” He is working with Dr. Carlos Trallero.

Ryan Luder, senior from Overland Park, presented Portable sub-Doppler Gas-filled Hollow-core Fiber Frequency References with Acetylene and Methane.” The work was performed with coauthor Mattithyah Tillotson, senior in chemistry, physics, and education from Valley Center. They are working with Associate Professors Brian Washburn and Kristan Corwin.   

Ben LeValley presented “Supercontinuum Generation in ZBLAN Fiber.”  He is also working with Washburn.

The undergraduate research symposium also gave students the chance to attend talks by distinguished scientists, many of whom they met later at a luncheon in their honor, to meet other undergraduates in this field, and to tour the University of Arizona Center for Optics. 

Corwin attended the meeting, and presided at the poster session in which the students presented.