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Department of Physics

Mortar Board Honors Oustanding Faculty Member Sanjay Rebello

Sanjay RebelloMortar Board has recognized one faculty member from each college and student life since 2000. Faculty members are selected based on their dedication to student success and their contributions to the university.

Our outstanding faculty were as follows:

College of Agriculture: Don Boggs

College of Architecture, Planning, & Design: David Richter-O'Connell

College of Arts and Sciences: N. Sanjay Rebello

College of Business Administration: Fred Smith

College of Education: Laura Tietjen

College of Engineering: David Pacey

College of Human Ecology: Christian Larson

School of Leadership Studies: Tamara Bauer

Student Life: Ben Hopper

The faculty recognition reception brought each honoree and the dean or representative from each college to the Bluemont Room of the Kansas State Student Union for a dessert reception. Mortar Board members recognized each honoree, and vice provost for undergraduate studies Steven Dandaneau shared comments about the need for strong faculty members at K-State. Each honoree also was invited to have an outstanding junior accompany them from their respective college as well. 

Courtesy of Communications & Marketing