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Department of Physics

Sorensen at K-State OlatheUniversity physics department continues popular series at Olathe campus

Kansas State University Olathe and the physics department on the university's Manhattan campus are partnering to continue the Physics Lecture Series for high school students across Johnson County and the Kansas City metro area.

The free lecture series provides students an opportunity to learn from university and industry experts about topics in physics, including the latest trends, lasers, the theory of the universe, dark matter and energy, nanoparticles and more.

The Series started September 2012 and has been embraced with great interest. Previous talks have been given by Sarah Golin, Vinod Kumarrappan, and Chris Sorenson. Over 77 attendees were present at these previous lectures.

The series will continue to be offered from 4-5 p.m. Jan. 23, Feb. 6 and April 3 in Forum Hall on the Olathe campus, 22201 W. Innovation Drive.

At the Jan. 23 presentation, Bharat Ratra, professor of physics, will present "The Expanding Universe: Dark Matter, Energy and Acceleration." Ratra will explore with students how the universe is expanding and accelerating, and why cosmologists believe that dark energy and dark matter are by far the biggest contributors to the energy budget of the universe at the present time.

On Feb. 6, Glenn Horton-Smith, associate professor of physics, will present "High Energy Physics" and on April 3, Eleanor Sayre, associate professor of physics, will present "Physics Education Research."

All education backgrounds and levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Time will be available at the end of each presentation for questions.

"Connecting students with opportunities in physics provides them with an understanding of the careers and topics in STEM fields that they might not be exposed to is a huge benefit that we can provide by leveraging our resources on the main campus," said Micheal Strohschein, director of K-12 Programs at K-State Olathe. "This lecture series is another one of the many opportunities that K-State Olathe is providing to students in our coverage area."

To view the full calendar for the lecture series, including topics, or to register, visit http://olathe.k-state.edu/k-12/physics-lecture-series/.

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