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Department of Physics

Stephanie Lott, OIE Director & Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Be Stoney, Interim Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Dr. Kimathi Choma, Student Ombudsperson and Assistant Dean of Diversity, Recruitment & Retention in the College of Arts & Sciences
Kansas State University
Stephanie LottBe StoneyKimathi Choma
Stephanie LottBe StoneyKimathi Choma
Understanding Your Role and Selection Process
for Departmental Committees

102 Cardwell Hall
September 13 2021
4:30 p.m. 

This colloquium aims to share information on understanding roles and the selection process for department committees. In addition, participants will learn what is expected of them as responsible employees, discuss reporting options, and discuss steps to make appropriate referrals for both confidential and non-confidential resources.