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Department of Physics

Dr. J.T. Laverty
Kansas State University
J.T. Laverty
Supporting Physics Teachers and Researchers through PER

102 Cardwell Hall
September 20, 2021
4:30 p.m. 

Physicists want to be good teachers and good researchers. My group is investigating how we can better support faculty and instructors who want to improve their teaching. In particular, we investigated how professional development programs can better support faculty and promote the faculty members' continued use of new ideas.  Additionally, we are working to expand our current understanding of how research-based assessments can better align with what instructors care about and give actionable feedback for the instructor to modify their courses.  My group is also researching ways to better support researchers in engaging with ethical dimensions of their work. Existing training programs for responsible conduct of research leave a lot to be desired. We have investigated ways to make RCR training more relevant to scientists as well as how they think about and engage in discussions about research ethics. I will discuss the results of this work and future directions.