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Department of Physics

Dr. Chihway Chang
University of Chicago
Chihway Chang
Decoding the Universe with Cosmic Surveys

102 Cardwell Hall
October 21, 2019
4:30 p.m. 

Modern cosmology is built on a robust foundation termed the ΛCDM model. The ΛCDM model has been remarkably successful — it is able to explain a large range of observational data with only six parameters. There are, however, unresolved questions that leave cosmologists unsatisfied: What is Dark Matter? What is Dark Energy? With the increasingly powerful data, is ΛCDM still internally consistent within multiple cosmological probes? In this talk I describe a program where we seek to answer these questions using information in the large-scale structure, as recorded by state-of-the-art cosmological surveys. I will focus on a series of analyses using two-point functions of different cosmic fields and describe ongoing work to go beyond the standard two-point framework.