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Department of Physics

Dr. Bernard Feldman
University of Missouri-St. Louis
 Dr. Bernard J. Feldman
The Schön Affair
102 Cardwell Hall
October 19, 2015
4:30 p.m.

This presentation will start with the history of the greatest fraud in the history of physics--the case of Hendrik Schön.  Part of this amazing story is that it took place only 15 years ago at the premier physics laboratory in the world--Bell Labs.  This affair has raised numerous disturbing and difficult questions about the way physics is done.  Why did this fraud last as long as it did?  How common is fraud in the physics community?  What are the responsibilities of supervisors, co-authors  and journals to insure the integrity of the scientific work they publish?  Why is the physics community so hesitant to talk about the Schön affair?   My hope is that these questions will lead to a lively discussion.