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Department of Physics

Spring 2018 Condensed Matter Seminars

All seminars are held at 1:30 p.m. in CW 119 unless otherwise stated.

1/19     No Seminar                                                                                                                                 
1/26Organizational Meeting   
2/9Nelson Ramallo K-State CMS PhysicsEntanglement effects in antibody solutions
2/16Osku KemppinenK-State CMS PhysicsAirborne digital holography instrument design


Raiya Ebini/Jessica Changstrom 

K-State CMS Physics 


Raiya: The sol-to-gel transition

Jessica:Temperature Dependent Solubility of ZnS Nanoparticles in Methanol Water Solution


3/2Max YurkinICKC

The discrete dipole approximation for light-scattering simulations 

3/9No Seminar  
3/16Tien Phan K-State CMS Physics Do impurities always hinder kinetics of nucleation?
3/23Spring Break  
3/30Lianjie Xue /Justin MaughanK-State CMS Physics 

Lianjie: Orientation-dependent Multiphoton Ionization in Hexagonal Boron Nitride single crystals

Justin: Diffraction and the scaling approach 

4/6Justin Wright/Peter Anderson K-State CMS Physics 

Justin: Spectroscopy of Detonation Graphene

Peter: Holographic imaging of rough surfaces

4/13Tam Phien/Prakash Gautam K-State CMS Physics 

Tam: A Simple Model for Amyloid Aggregation in Huntington’s Disease

Prakash: Setting up a Multi-angle Light Scattering Device


4/20Krishna Panta/Kamal Bhandari K-State CMS Physics 

Krishna: Electrode Design for Neural Recording and Stimulation

Kamal: Phase Separation of Membrane-less Organelles

4/27Gobind Basnet/Ramesh Giri K-State CMS Physics 

Gobind: Stochastic Heating at an Electrochemical Interface

Ramesh: Approximating Scattering Patterns from Holograms using Huygen's Principle

5/4Arjun Nepal K-State CMS Physics Progress towards the mass production of graphene