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Department of Physics

Spring 2014 Condensed Matter Seminars

All seminars are held at 1:30 p.m. in CW 119 unless otherwise stated.

1/24 Organizational Meeting
1/31Adams SummersOptical damage threshold of Au nanowires in strong femtosecond laser fields
2/7 No Seminar
2/14Yuli WangTest of Mie scattering from water droplets
2/21Mick O'SheaFinding hidden periodic signals in time series
2/28Will HeinsonRestricted hierarchical model of DLCA aggregation
3/7 No Seminar
3/14Arjun NepalTemperatures of detonations of C2H2 with O2 measured by two color pyrometer
3/21 Spring Break
3/28Nicoleta PloscariuA method to measure nanomechanical properties of biological objects
 Jeff PowellElectron dynamics in nanostructures in strong fields
4/4Jinhai ChenPermanent electric dipole moments and magnetic g factors of metal-containing radicals
4/11Justin MaughanQ-Space Analysis of Light Scattering by Gaussian Random Spheres
4/18Brendan HeffernanDeveloping a Physical Intuition for Light Backscatter
 Jessica ChangstromDigestive ripening of gold and silver nanoparticles
4/25Yuba Raj DahalToy model for protein crystallization: Growth of solids from a two component asymmetric mixtures of particles
5/2Subhash PaudelEffect of shear and excipients on the viscosity of Mabs
 Raiya EbiniMultiple Scattering effect on Dynamic Light Scattering
5/9Bret FlandersJacketed Nano-electrodes for Electrophysiology