Fall 2012 Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Fall 2012


All seminars are held at 1:30 p.m. in CW 119 unless otherwise stated.


Date Speaker Institution Title of Seminar
Aug 31 Jeremy Schmit K-State Physics Playing With Velcro:  The Kinetics of Protein Self-Assembly
Sept 7 Gary Wysin K-State Physics Energy and Dynamics of Vortices in Magnetic Nanodots
Sept 14 Robert Szoszkiewicz K-State Physics Nanoabrasion of Polymers
Sept 21 Don Lemons Bethel College The Average Energy Approximation of the Ideal Bose-Einstein Gas and Condensate
Sept 28 Amit Chakrabarti K-State Physics Soft Matter Physics Theory at Kansas State Volume I
Oct 5 Bruce Law K-State Physics Surface Droplet Coalescence and Fragmentation
Oct 19 Ryszard Jankowiak K-State Chemistry  
Nov 9 Judy Wu    
Nov 16 Chris Sorensen K-State Physics  
Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Bret Flanders K-State Physics