K-State Quarknet Featured as Center Spotlight in National Quarknet Friday Flyer

From the "Friday Flyer" dated September 7, 2012.

CENTER SPOTLIGHT: Kansas State University - http://www.phys.ksu.edu/hep/quarknet.htm

Contact Bharat Ratra for ideas on programs for a rural center with more than one meeting location. The KSU group held two workshops last year. In November they held a workshop at the Ft. Hays State University Physics Department in Hays, Kansas. They chose this location so that teachers in the remote western part of the state could participate more easily. Eight teachers focused on hands-on activities using the KSU-produced Visual Quantum Mechanics kit, which they received for their classrooms. KSU planned to hold a masterclass in the spring but determined that the teachers needed more training. They asked QuarkNet for help. Shane Wood agreed to lead a masterclass prep workshop for them. Eleven teachers participated in this very successful event held in July. This year, KSU teachers have been busy participating in many professional development activities sponsored mainly by QuarkNet. Some teachers attended the annual Boot Camp at Fermilab; others presented particle physic talks at the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science annual meeting. Approximately 24 teachers participate in the KSU center, a core group of six or so regularly, and the rest at the rate of once every other meeting. KSU continues to specialize in serving small rural high schools throughout the state. Mentor Tim Bolton is stepping aside for a two-year appointment with the Department of Energy, and Bharat Ratra will take over in Timís absence with assistance from other members of the KSU HEP group (Glenn Horton-Smith, Andrew Ivanov and Yurii Maravin), and the KSU physics education research group (Sanjay Rebello and Dean Zollman). Plans for 2012Ė2013 include a fall workshop devoted to particle astrophysics and cosmology and participation in a masterclass in spring 2013.