C.D. Lin in JapanProfessor C.D. Lin, JSPS Visiting Fellow, Carries out Research in Japan During His Sabbatical Leave


As a JSPS Visiting Fellow, besides carrying out collaborative research during his sabbatical leave, Professor Chii-Dong Lin has visited and given seminars at a number of  top "Imperial" universities, such as Tokyo University, Tohoku University in Sendai, and Nagoya University, as well as the top national laboratory RIKEN. These are the major centers in Japan doing Ultrafast AMO physics.  

His stay at University of Electro-communications ended with a seminar which was interrupted by an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale. The lecture was given in a room on the 8th floor and the sway lasted for more than one minute. While this was rather scary, Dr. Lin trusted the building codes in Japan and thankfully, no structure damage was seen at all.