Yurii MaravinMaravin Appointed to Physics Leadership Team of CMS Experiment at CERN

Yurii Maravin begins a two-year appointment as co-convener of the CMS experimentís electron-photon physics objects group. 

The CMS experiment operates at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, near Geneva, Switzerland.  The LHC produces collisions of two counter-rotating beams of protons with of overall center-of-mass energy of 7 trillion electron-volts at the CMS experiment, and at three other  locations, replicating  temperature and density conditions present in the universe a fraction of second after the Big Bang.  A large international team of scientists, including a strong K-State contingent, studies the products of these collisions to search for clues about the nature of forces in effect under these conditions.  A precise understanding of the lightest electromagnetic objects produced in these collisions-- photons, electrons, and positrons-- is crucial for these studies. 

Maravin will co-lead a diverse team of international physicists charged with helping ensure that the CMS detector and its complex reconstruction software programs provide the best possible measurements of the momentum vectors of these electromagnetic objects.   This work critically supports ongoing CMS efforts to discover evidence for the Higgs Boson, supersymmetry, the presence of higher space-time dimensions, and many other phenomena predicted by theoretical physicists to describe the dynamics of the very high energy early universe.

The CMS experiment engages over 3000 scientists from 183 institutions in 38 countries in its research program. The K-State CMS team includes faculty members Tim Bolton (tbolton@ksu.edu) , Andrew Ivanov (aivanov@ksu.edu), and Yurii Maravin (maravin@ksu.edu) ; post-docs Anne-Fleur Barfuss and Sadia Khalil; and graduate students Irakli Chakaberia, Mikhail Makouski, Shruti Shrestha, and Irakli Svintradze.  Further information on KSU work on CMS may be obtained by contacting any of the faculty members.  Further information about the CMS experiment at the LHC may be found at cms.cern.ch. Research grants from the US Department of Energy and National Science Foundation support KSU research on CMS.