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KSU Physics Machine Shop 

Student Shop Safety Rules

  • Safety glasses with side shields or goggles are to be worn at all times while in the shop. Bring your own glasses.

  • No loose fitting clothing allowed when working in the shop.

  • No open toe shoes or sandals allowed in shop.

  • Two persons must be in shop to operate mill or lathe unless authorized.

  • Door to shop must remain open while using shop.

  • All users must sign in before using shop.

  • Students must have prints or drawings of parts with dimensions, hole locations, thread sizes, and other machining information prior to machining.

  • Users must clean up area used every time work is finished. If you have not completed your project and must leave the shop you must clean area prior to leaving. Others may need to use the area in your absence.    

  • Students must clean and return all tools to proper location when finished.

  • No tools are to be removed from shop without authorization.

  • No horseplay allowed in shop. Do not distract anyone using equipment.

  • Report all injuries to Russ Reynolds or Bryan Merritt immediately.

  • Floor area where work was done must be swept after every use.

  • Never enter the student shop through the main shop. If the door is locked, use your key. If you don’t have a key you are not authorized to use the shop. Always shut shop door when you leave if no one else is in the shop.

  • Safety is your top priority when using the shop. If you are not sure what you are doing, “ASK”.

  • Never attempt to use equipment you have not received training on.

  • Report any broken tools or machines immediately to main shop.