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Original Programs

Mac OSX software

Windows software

Quantum Motion,used in Waves of Matter Unit 10, is no longer available.  A suitable substitute is for a simple wave packet spreading is Time Development of a Wave Packet (QuVIS).  To have students set up other situations involving time evolution of wave packets we recommend  Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets (PhET)   

 Additional programs 

 Franck-Hertz Experiment (Windows, Mac

ERROR WARNING: For neon, the grid voltages are too low by a factor of 10. When working with neon, multiply the values of VG by 10 in all 3 places that it appears.

 Hydrogen Spectroscopy (Windows only)

 Zeeman Effect Experiment (Windows only)

 Semiconductor Device Simulator (Windows only)

Two error messages will appear when the program starts. Click OK for each and the program seems to run fine.

Online versions of VQM software

The version of Flash used for these programs is no longer supported by the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.  If you have older versions of the browsers, you may be able to run these programs.  Otherwise, please download the off-line versions above. 

Spectroscopy Lab Suite

Gas emission

Gas absorption


LED emission

Incandescent Lamp

Diode laser

Helium Neon Laser

IR detector card

Hydrogen Spectroscopy

Diffraction Suite

Single slit

Double slit

Wave function sketcher

Probability illustrator

Quantum Tunneling

Wave packet explorer

Energy band creator

Potential energy diagram sketcher

Zeeman Effect

Franck-Hertz Experiment