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Department of Physics

Solids & Light

Energy quantization is applied to luminescent materials such as light sticks, glow-in-the-dark toys and infrared detectors. Students see how they can build energy level models to explain a variety of different light emitting processes. Prerequisite: A knowledge of conservation of energy & potential energy diagrams.

01 Exploring LEDs and Lamps

02 Exploring Light Patterns

03 Introducing Energy Diagrams for Atoms

04 Understanding the Spectra Emitted by Gas Lamps

05 Applying Spectra and Energy Diagrams to Learn About Stars

06 Using Spectra to Search for an Earth-like Planet

07 Using Gas Lamps to Understand LEDs

08 Applying Energy Bands to Incandescent Lamps

09 Creating an Energy Level Model for LEDs

10 Applying the Energy Level Model to LEDs

11 Can Ohm's Law Explain Your Observations?

12 Using LEDs to Measure Planck's Constant

All Solids and Light instructional units in one PDF file

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