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Department of Physics


Using the light emitted from solids and gases this unit helps students understand why the energy in atoms is quantized and some of the consequences of that quantization as seen in everyday devices such as the light emitting diode. Prerequisite:  Knowledge of Conservation of Energy 

01 Exploring Light Emitting Processes

02 Observing Light Patterns

03 Introduction to Energy Levels in Atoms

04 Applying Energy Levels to Luminescence

05 Exploring Photoluminescence

06 Introduction to Potentail Energy Diagrams as a Model of the Atom

07 Applying Potential Energy Diagrams to Solids

08 Using Light Sticks to Predict the Effects of Changing Temperatures on the Light Emitted by Fireflies

09 Constructing a Model to Explain the Fluorescent Lamp

10 Constructing Models to Explain Photoluminescence

11 Exploring the Properties of the TV Monitor and Remote Control

12 Constructing a Model to Explain the IR Detector Card

All Luminescence instructional units in one PDF file

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