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Department of Physics

Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships Awarded to Physics Undergraduate Students

APS Apker Award

Craig Caylor, runner-up, 1997

Cargill Global Scholarship

Nathan McClain, 2017

Fulbright Fellowship

Fulbright Fellowships are granted for study abroad.  The Fulbright is estimated to be worth more than $15,000 in the host country's currency.

Michelle Munson, 1997

Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater provides about $15,000 for two years of study in the sciences or engineering.

Joshua Nelson, 2015
Shane Scott, 2010
Eli Parke, 2006
David Thompson, 2005
Jonathan Whitmer, 2003
Aaron Wech, 2003
John Carpenter, 1997
Jonathan Winkler, 1995
Craig Caylor, 1994
Francis Fung, 1991
Brett Esry, 1991
Beverly Loseke, 1990

Clare Booth Luce Scholarship

This scholarship provides $18,000 per year for two years to women studying science, math and engineering.

Mindy Koehler, 2004

Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship

This scholarship provides $8,000 per year for two years of undergradaute study and a summer internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Heidi Ramzel, 2013

McNair Scholarship

Benjamin Archibeque, 2016
Jeffrey Murray, 2013

NASA Graduate Student Research Program Scholarship

Matt Berg, 2005

NSF Graduate Fellowship

The National Science Foundation underwrites three years of graduate study for outstanding seniors in the sciences and engineering.

Derrek Wilson, 2013
Craig Caylor, 1996
Waldemar Axmann, 1991
Gregory Brown, 1991

Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship provides $40,000-60,000 for two years of study at Oxford University in England.

Jonathan Winkler, 1998

USA Today Academic Team

Each year USA Today recognizes outstanding students
Michelle Munson, 1996